In this part of the toolkit we offer you the tools to carry out your research for attracting and retaingin talent, such  as the structure and methods we have used in carrying out our research. We hope they will help you in setting up your strategies.

Research Manuals

Research manuals were developed for every step of the research: Data collection Policy Review Policy Development and integration We hope these might be helpful for your work

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Examples of Analyses

The analysis in the BUTTON project was carried out by all 5 regional partners and consisted of three steps. In this section we offer you examples of how this analysis was carried out. Collecting data on attraction and retention concept and factors of attractiveness, drawing on the baseline project regional analysis and factsheets (partner regions) …

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Interesting articles

Button members have contributed to various interesting papers about the topic of attraction and retention of talent:   – Demographic change in regional labour markets  Finding solutions for negative effects and searching for opportunities, first lessons from the DC NOISE labour markets demonstration projects. Frans Coenen and Roos Galjaard   – Human Capital in European Peripheral regions: …

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Important variables

The following list of variables that are imporatnt in the research and analysis of talent issues is based on our models and our experience. The information is derived from the BUTTON project as well as other projects which have served as sources of inspiration. We tried to look for indicators for all variables that would be …

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Literature on regional brain drain   Baade, Franz-Josef (1996), ‘Regionale Beschäftigungsprognose 2002’, in: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung, No. 9, pp. 571-596 Beine, Michel, Frédéric Docquier, Hillel Rapport (2001), ‘Braindrain end economic growth: theory and evidence’, in: Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 64, pp. 275-289 Benhabib, J., M. Spiegel (1994), ‘The Role of Human Capital in Economic …

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