This website is the result of the BUTTON project.

This sub-project is part of the INTERREG IVC Mini-Programme “Brain-Flow” addressing the phenomenon of brain drain and brain gain in border regions. “Brain Flow” creates a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge transfer amongst regional actors representing eight partner from seven different countries. “Brain Flow” is carried out on two levels: the strategic mini-programme level and the operational level of the sub-projects.

You can visit the BUTTON website, to learn more about this project.

Push the right BUTTON

At a time where innovation and knowledge are at the heart of economic development and prosperity, human capital in the form of highly qualified labour is an essential resource.  Better skill levels are needed to stimulate innovation in both private and public sector, and are also vital for other community interests, for instance by securing regional buying power. Many regions in Europe have problems in retaining or attracting this type of labour.

The BUTTON project assists stakeholders in border-regions to offer the right incentives to retain and attract highly qualified workers. In close cooperation with all stakeholders involved, it will develop a toolkit for regional authorities.

From January 1st 2011 to December 31st 2012, partners in six regions in Europe will carry out a programme of research, and knowledge building, involving many stakeholders and comparing between the regions.

Description of the project

The main project idea started at the Brainflow meeting in Hengelo, in March 2010. Although the need was recognized for clear indicators on attractiveness, many participants felt that it was important to develop an in-depth evidence-based approach to policy design that would account for difference between regional settings and problems. It was also felt that …

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The analysis was done in three steps. First the regions carried out their regional researches and thise weer compiled by the leading partner per step. By clicking on them you will open the relevant documents: Step 1: Data Collection Step 2: Policy Review Step 3: Policy Development and Integration Regional Analyses

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1. Policy recommendations Attracting and retaining talent needs: an overall strategic process involving all stakeholders for the specific regional brain flow problem an overall frame for various measure to be bound, and not a lot of single actions by many different problem owners (to avoid overlap and inefficacy) It needs an co-ordinating actor, being in charge, …

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