Obviously policies of local. regional and national governments will influence the capacity to the attract and retain talent.

Some policies will specifically aim at attraction and retention, others will influence this as a side effect. this can be a deliberate side effect, but there are policies that will create unexpected side effects. Therefor governements should not just focus on policies designed for attraction and retention but consider the effects of all policies influencing the quality of life:

  • Infrastructure in general
  • Costs of living
  • Well connected by road
  • Well connected by public transport
  • Labour Conditions
  • Educational Facilities
  • Housing quality
  • Affordable housing
  • Environmental qualities
  • Nature
  • Sustainability issues
  • Good Telecommunications
  • Attractive sports facilities
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Cultural facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Recreational facilities
  • Career Opportunities
  • A good national image
  • An international image.

We have selected three policy areas that we elaborate a bit more:


Stakeholder engagement

“Stakeholder engagement and/or participatory practice is increasingly becoming a part of mainstream business practice and central to public policy decision-making and delivery. It is being used as a means to improve communications, obtain wider community support or buy-in for projects, gather useful data and ideas, enhance public sector or corporate reputation, and provide for more …

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Region’s public image Peripheral regions often cope with a negative, almost backward, public image. In the first place this image is built upon non-rational ‘images’, e.g. as a consequence of a certain language or dialect, a lack of history, etc.. In the second place it is built upon more rational thought, and therefore influenced by …

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Education related migration mainly concerns young persons, starting a tertiary education in another municipality. A comprehensive story of the relationship between talent, education and attractivity can be found here: http://www.migrationpolicy.org/transatlantic/talent.pdf Good educational facilities can pull human capital towards a region. For instance, because new settlers want good schools for their children or education possibilities for themselves. On …

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Attracting and retaining talent needs: an overall strategic process involving all stakeholders for the specific regional brain flow problem an overall frame for various measure to be bound, and not a lot of single actions by many different problem owners (to avoid overlap and inefficacy) It needs an co-ordinating actor, being in charge, not necessarily the …

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